Lattafa Yara Review: Is It Worth The Hype?

Lattafa Yara review, tropical fruits and flowers

Welcome to my Lattafa Yara review!

So, I completely missed out on the TikTok-fueled Lattafa Yara craze. I recently got a sample to try, and I was excited to see what the fuss was all about.

I have seen very diverse opinions on Yara. Many absolutely love it and say it smells like a strawberry milkshake, while others feel it was completely over-hyped.

Read on to hear my take on last summer’s hit fragrance (spoiler….I love it!).

Value for Money

Lattafa Yara lives up to the hype! Yara is sweet, creamy, tropical, and lightly floral.

If you enjoy Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Crush Cheirosa ‘62, then Yara is worth a try! Yara reminds me of Cheirosa ‘62 without the nut notes, just pure tropical sweetness.

As with all of the Lattafa fragrances I’ve tried, Yara is a fantastic fragrance at a surprisingly low price.

Lattafa Yara Review

✓ Pros

  • Crowd-pleasing sweet, creamy, tropical fruit scent
  • Very versatile

✗ Cons

  • Poor longevity
  • Too sweet for some

What Does Lattafa Yara Smell Like?

Lattafa Yara lives up to the hype! It is a soft, sweet, fruity, floral, creamy, and slightly powdery fragrance. Yara is immediately sweet and creamy in the opening, with sweet tropical fruit and floral notes

Many people report Yara smelling strawberry milkshake, maybe because the bottle is a beautiful creamy pink, but I get no strawberry milkshake vibes at all. 

What I do get reminded of is a smell that I’ve smelled in a hair salon. A sweet, fruity and slightly clean, high-end hair product of some kind. The other thing that Yara reminds me of is Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Crush Cheirosa ‘62 without the nutty note of Cheirosa. I’m actually surprised I haven’t seen more people mention this! It’s not a clone by any means, but there are similarities.

As Yara dries down, it remains very sweet and creamy, with the powdery musk becoming stronger a few hours in and eventually taking over.

  • Top Notes: Orchid, Heliotrope, Tangerine
  • Middle Notes: Gourmand Accord, Tropical Fruits
  • Base Notes: Vanilla, Musk, Sandalwood


The longevity of Lattafa Yara doesn’t live up to other Lattafa fragrances such as Khamrah. I get around 4 hours of wear before it becomes a barely there powdery skin scent. The projection is moderate, but again, only for a short period of time.

However, Yara is still a very beautiful fragrance, and at its price point, you can afford to over spray and apply often if need be.

When to Wear Lattafa Yara

A plus to Yara’s mediocre longevity is that this makes it a soft, unobtrusive fragrance that can be worn anywhere and anytime

The sweet, tropical vibes make Yara a great choice for summer, but its creaminess gives it a depth that makes it suitable for the colder months as well.

Overall, Yara is a great choice in any season, if you’re craving a sweet tropical pick-me-up.


Lattafa Yara is a very affordable fragrance. Although the longevity is lacking, the beautiful scent and low price make Yara well worth a try.

As the founder of Lattafa has stated in an interview, “While quality is paramount, the price points are equally critical. Once there is a core price point created for a brand of perfume we try and stick to that price point and do not allow drastic changes in these price points. We try to remain transparent when it comes to our pricing strategies. It’s also one of the key reasons for the longevity of the brand.” [1]

About Lattafa

Lattafa is a Dubai-based perfumery known for creating premium luxury fragrances that exude elegance and sophistication.

According to the brand website, “Inspired by the Arabic words, ‘Latif’ for kindness and ‘Lateefa’ for pleasant, Lattafa resonates with the luxury and elegance of the Arabian culture and it vividly captures the essence of its glorious heritage in its captivating fragrance.” [2]

Ideas for Layering Lattafa Yara

Lattafa Yara layering combinations
Some layering combination ideas for Lattafa Yara.

Yara is a great fragrance for layering. Its soft, sweet, fruity scent combines beautifully with anything sweet, or with vanilla or fruity-floral notes.

Here are some possible combinations to try!

  • Aquolina Pink Sugar + Lattafa Yara
  • Burberry Her EDP + Lattafa Yara
  • Valentino Donna Born in Roma + Lattafa Yara
  • Carolina Herrera Good Girl Blush + Lattafa Yara
  • Eilish by Billie Eilish + Lattafa Yara
  • Lattafa Nebras + Lattafa Yara
  • Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Crush Cheirosa ‘62 + Lattafa Yara


Is Lattafa Yara suitable for both men and women? 

Yes, as with all fragrances, Lattafa Yara is a gender-neutral fragrance. Its sweet, versatile scent makes it appealing across genders. However, it does lean towards the traditional “feminine” side, with its sweet, fruity scent.

Can Lattafa Yara be worn during any season? 

Yes, Lattafa Yara’s scent profile, with its sweet and fruity notes, makes it versatile for year-round wear. 

What age group is Lattafa Yara best suited for? 

Lattafa Yara’s sweet and gourmand scent profile makes it versatile and appealing to a wide range of ages. Yara’s sweetness makes it appealing to a young crowd, but anyone who enjoys sweet, tropical, fruity scents will enjoy it.

Is Lattafa Yara suitable as a gift?

Lattafa Yara could make an excellent gift due to its crowd-pleasing sweet scent. Its affordable price and fantastic fragrance make it an excellent gift idea.

Final Thoughts

For me, Lattafa Yara lives up to the hype. If you enjoy sweet tropical fragrances and scents like Cheirosa ‘62 you will most likely enjoy Yara!

Thank you for reading my Lattafa Yara review! Feel free to explore and read more fragrance reviews, best-of lists, and fragrance clones/dupes, or check out our Fragrance 101 section for helpful fragrance guides and information.  

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