Jean Paul Gaultier Divine Review: She IS Divine!

Welcome to my Jean Paul Gaultier Divine review!

I am quite the Jean Paul Gaultier fan, and as soon as I saw this bottle I knew we were in for a treat. 

I wasn’t disappointed, as Jean Paul Gaultier has delivered once again with this 2023 floral, gourmand, marine fragrance.

Value for Money

Jean Paul Gaultier Divine is a sweet, floral, aquatic gourmand fragrance.

Divine has excellent performance, with over 12 hours’ longevity.

Divine is a hit for me and will be a steady player in my spring and summer rotation!

Jean Paul Gaultier Divine Review

✓ Pros

  • Excellent performance
  • Sweet yet clean floral gourmand scent
  • Cool bottle

✗ Cons

  • Some don’t enjoy the marine or meringue notes

What Does Jean Paul Gaultier Divine Smell Like?

Jean Paul Gaultier Divine is a strong, sweet, floral fragrance, opening with both floral and gourmand notes. The florals are immediately vibrant and fresh, seamlessly mixed into fruity meringue. Behind the sweet floral gourmand notes is a subtle, clean, aquatic backdrop.

The claypsone note is a synthetic molecule that “smells ozonic, like sea breeze, with fruity watermelon nuances.” [1] 

Divine does a fantastic job of combining floral notes, fruity meringue gourmand notes, and clean aquatic notes. Overall, this is a very summery and almost tropical, sweet, clean, floral fragrance.

Jean Paul Gaultier Divine Notes

As Divine dries down, the scent profile remains the same, but I find that every time I smell my arm, I pick up on a different note. Sometimes the floral notes hit me the strongest, then next will be sweet berries, juicy watermelon, or sweet meringue, and then the next wave will bring the clean salty marine notes. 

I have read some reviews where people claim to smell a “fishy” note from the marine note, but I haven’t smelled anything like that at all. The marine note for me simply brings in a subtle aquatic cleanliness.

I don’t always love fragrance descriptions, but Jean Paul Gaultier’s description of Divine hits the mark:

“Beginning with a balancing act between floral and gourmand notes. Spectacular lilies and white flowers mingle with the sweetness of airy meringue, offset by a sudden sea breeze. Gaultier Divine is a salty kiss. This is how this eau de parfum with sun-kissed notes feels on the skin. Simply Divine!”

  • Top Notes: Calypsone, Red Berries, Bergamot
  • Middle Notes: Lily, Ylang-Ylang, Jasmine
  • Base Notes: Meringue, Musk, Patchouli


Divine is a very strong performer! I easily get 12 hours of wear, with strong projection for the first few hours, tapering down to moderate projection for the rest of the day.

When to Wear Jean Paul Gaultier Divine

Divine is a strong, floral fragrance, yet it remains fairly versatile. Divine is a perfect choice for spring and summer, as the aquatic notes bring a fresh cleanliness to its sweet, floral scent profile. 

I wear Divine for any occasion, both day and night, though I am careful not to overspray if going to closed indoor spaces.

I have also been wearing Divine over the winter, as it is strong enough to cut through the cold weather.


Divine is priced similarly to other designer fragrances.

About The Perfumer

The talented and renowned perfumer behind Divine is Quentin Bisch. Bisch has worked with some of the biggest names in the fragrance industry and has created some of the most well-known fragrances in recent history. 

Some of his creations include Parfums de Marly Delina, Carolina Herrera Good Girl and Bad Boy, Paco Rabanne 1 Million Parfum, Amouage Guidance, Azzaro Wanted By Night, Jean Paul Gaultier La Belle, and many more.

Ideas for Layering 

If you enjoy experimenting with layering, try adding some more sweetness with vanillas, more white florals, or adding in some tropical/coconut vibes!

  • Nest Madagascar Vanilla Perfume Oil
  • Maison Mataha Escapade Gourmand
  • Nest Balinese Coconut Perfume Oil
  • Skylar Coconut Cove
  • Skylar Boardwalk Delight
  • Sol de Janeiro Rio Radiance
  • Akro Rise
  • Lattafa Yara
  • Mont Blanc Signature
  • Mugler Alien
  • Nishane Hundred Silent Ways
  • Bath & Body Works White Jasmine


Is Jean Paul Gaultier Divine similar to La Belle?

No, Divine is a unique new fragrance. While Divine and La Belle are both sweet fragrances, Divine is much more floral with an aquatic twist.

Is Jean Paul Gaultier Divine unisex?

Yes, as all fragrances are truly gender-neutral. Divine does lean toward the traditionally feminine side with its floral, gourmand marine scent profile, and the bottle is marketed toward women. However, this type of fragrance can be enjoyed by anyone who enjoys sweet floral fragrances!

Can Jean Paul Gaultier Divine be worn year-round, or is it more seasonal? 

Divine is a great choice for spring and summer, but I have also been wearing it throughout the winter. All fragrances can be worn year-round, it’s up to you to decide what you feel like!

Can I buy a sample of Jean Paul Gaultier Divine before splurging on a whole bottle?

Divine is still too new to be available on decanter websites. However, I will update with links as soon as I see it available.

Final Thoughts

Jean Paul Gaultier Divine is well worth adding to the fragrance collection of any Jean Paul Gaultier fan. With its beautiful bottle and sweet, aquatic floral scent, Divine is a definite win for me!

Thanks for reading my Jean Paul Gaultier Divine review! Feel free to explore and read more fragrance reviews, best-of lists, and fragrance clones/dupes, or check out our Fragrance 101 section for helpful fragrance guides and information.  

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