Bianco Latte Review: Creamy Caramel Delight

Bianco Latte review, caramel ice cream sundae

Welcome to my Giardini Di Toscana Bianco Latte review!

Bianco Latte is one of the most popular fragrances of the year. Its sweet gourmand perfection has caught the attention of fragrance enthusiasts worldwide. Bianco Latte has been flying off the shelves and has created quite the buzz across social media.

I got my hands on a sample of Bianco Latte and was not disappointed! If you are a vanilla gourmand fragrance lover, you will want to smell this one!

Bianco Latte Review: Quick Facts


Giardini Di Toscana Bianco Latte

Scent Profile: Sweet, Gourmand

Longevity: Above average, 8+ hours

Versatility: High

Season: Fall and winter

Cost ($ – $$$): $$


  • Crowd-pleaser, high on the compliment scale
  • Beautiful sweet, creamy, caramel-vanilla scent


  • Linear fragrance, not complex
  • May be too heavy and rich for some

What Does Bianco Latte Smell Like?

Bianco Latte is everything you imagine it will be based on the notes. This is a sweet, rich, creamy, milky vanilla fragrance. 

Bianco Latte opens like a caramel sundae, with warm, sticky caramel on thick, creamy, vanilla ice cream. Bianco Latte is a pretty linear fragrance, with the same delicious notes remaining present throughout the dry down.

Bianco Latte is very sweet, but in a warm, creamy, lactonic way, not an overly sweet sugary way.

Translated to English, Bianco Latte means “white milk”, and this name is very fitting. Sweet, thick, condensed milk mixed with caramel and rich vanilla.

If you enjoy vanilla fragrances, or sweet gourmands, Bianco Latte will likely be a hit.

  • Top Notes: Caramel
  • Middle Notes: Coumarin, Honey
  • Base Notes: Vanilla, White Musk


Bianco Latte is not only impressive in scent, it is beastly in its performance as well. This is a potent, powerful fragrance, and a little goes a long way. 

Bianco Latte has above average longevity, I find it lasts over 8 hours easily. It also has impressive projection, this is a fragrance that will get noticed!

When to Wear Bianco Latte

Bianco Latte is a perfect gourmand fragrance for fall and winter, as it is very creamy and rich. It can definitely be worn year round and in warmer weather, though some may find it too milky and heavy for warm weather.

Even though Bianco Latte is a powerful, sweet fragrance, it is still easy to wear and versatile. I would recommend applying lightly if wearing it to work or school, since it does have strong projection.


Giardini Di Toscana is a quality Italian niche perfume brand, and Bianco Latte is priced quite reasonably. The price is similar to or even lower than average designer fragrances.

Ideas for Layering Bianco Latte

Layering combinations for Bianco Latte
A few ideas for layering Bianco Latte.

Bianco Latte is a fragrance with endless layering possibilities. The only limit here is your imagination!

  • Dolce & Gabbana Devotion
  • Kayali Lovefest Burning Cherry
  • Kayali Vanilla Oud
  • Kayali Vanilla 28
  • Skylar Boardwalk Delight
  • Lattafa Khamrah
  • Maison Francis Kurkdjian Grand Soir
  • Montale Chocolate Greedy


Is Bianco Latte a unisex fragrance?

Yes! Anyone who loves sweet gourmand vanillas will love Bianco Latte. All fragrances are truly gender-neutral, wear what you enjoy!

What age group is Bianco Latte best suited for? 

Any and all ages! Bianco Latte is an easy to wear, sweet gourmand, and anyone of any age who enjoys vanilla fragrances will likely enjoy it. All fragrances can be worn by anyone of any age, fragrance choices are always based on personal preference and enjoyment. 

Is Bianco Latte suitable as a gift?

If you have a sweet gourmand fragrance-lover in your life, they would very likely love to receive Bianco Latte as a gift!

Can I buy a sample of Bianco Latte to try before buying a bottle?

Yes! There are a few sources where samples of Bianco Latte are available for purchase. Scent Split is one example of a trustworthy source.

Final Thoughts

As a lover of vanilla gourmand fragrances, for me, Giardini Di Toscana Bianco Latte lives up to the hype.

Bianco Latte may not be a complex, ground-breaking fragrances, but if you want to smell like a delicious caramel ice cream sundae, she’s got you covered!

Thank you for reading my Giardini Di Toscana Bianco Latte review. Feel free to explore and read more fragrance reviews and best of lists, or check out our Fragrance 101 section for helpful fragrance guides and information.