Bianco Latte vs Lattafa Eclaire: The Best Bianco Latte Dupe

Bianco Latte vs Lattafa Eclaire

Welcome to my review of Giardini Di Toscana Bianco Latte vs Lattafa Eclaire.

Bianco Latte has been one of the most popular fragrances over the past year, and fragrance enthusiasts have been searching for dupes. Lattafa has come through yet again with Eclaire, an extremely high-quality dupe at an affordable price. 

I compared both fragrances head to head to assess Lattafa Eclaire as a clone in terms of scent and performance. 


Bianco Latte

Lattafa Eclaire


Giardini Di Toscana Bianco Latte

Bianco Latte is a sweet, rich, creamy, milky vanilla fragrance. 

Bianco Latte opens like a caramel sundae, with warm, sticky caramel on thick, creamy, vanilla ice cream. Bianco Latte is a pretty linear fragrance, with the same delicious notes remaining present throughout the dry down.

Bianco Latte is very sweet, but in a warm, creamy, lactonic way, not an overly sweet sugary way.

Translated to English, Bianco Latte means “white milk”, and this name is very fitting. Sweet, thick, condensed milk mixed with caramel and rich vanilla.

Bianco Latte is a perfect gourmand fragrance for fall and winter, as it is very creamy and rich. It can definitely be worn year round and in warmer weather, though some may find it too milky and heavy for warm weather. 

Bianco Latte is a strong performer, with impressive longevity and projection.

Even though Bianco Latte is a powerful, sweet fragrance, it is still easy to wear and versatile. I would recommend applying lightly if wearing it to work or school, since it does have strong projection.

  • Top Notes: Caramel
  • Middle Notes: Coumarin, Honey
  • Base Notes: Vanilla, White Musk

✓ Pros

  • Crowd-pleaser, high on the compliment scale
  • Beautiful sweet, creamy, caramel-vanilla scent

✗ Cons

  • Linear fragrance, not complex
  • May be too heavy and rich for some

Lattafa Eclaire

Lattafa Eclaire is a very accurate dupe of Bianco Latte. This is yet another high-quality fragrance at a very affordable price from Lattafa.

Lattafa Eclaire opens with rich, sweet, lactonic opening notes of caramel, sugar, and milk, and smells very similar to Bianco Latte right away. The opening is very slightly less robust and creamy compared to Bianco Latte, but that is only noticeable when you smell both side by side.

Throughout the dry down, the white flower note in Eclaire subtly melds with the caramel, sugar, honey, and vanilla.

Overall, Eclaire is an excellent Bianco Latte clone. There are subtle differences, with the addition of the white flower note in Eclaire, as opposed to the coumarin note in Bianco Latte, but these are only noticeable when directly comparing the two fragrances.

  • Top Notes: Caramel, Sugar, Milk
  • Middle Notes: Honey, White Flowers
  • Base Notes: Vanilla, Praline, Musk

✓ Pros

  • Excellent dupe for Bianco Latte
  • Affordable

✗ Cons

  • Opening is slightly and briefly synthetic 
  • Some find it too sweet

Giardini Di Toscana Bianco Latte vs Lattafa Eclaire 

Let’s compare Giardini Di Toscana Bianco Latte vs Lattafa Eclaire in terms of scent, performance, and price.


Opening: The opening of both fragrances is a sweet, rich, milky, vanilla caramel. Bianco Latte is slightly more robust and rich in the opening, while Eclaire is briefly synthetic with a bit less depth.

Dry down: In the dry down, most people would have trouble telling these fragrances apart, even when comparing them side by side. Bianco Latte has a bit more depth to it with the coumarin note, and Eclaire has the addition of the white floral note. Overall, I’d say that Eclaire is a 95% accurate dupe of Bianco Latte.

Winner: Bianco Latte


Both Bianco Latte and Lattafa Eclaire last well over 8 hours with decent projection.

Winner: Tie


While Bianco Latte is priced reasonably for a quality niche fragrance, Lattafa Eclaire is about a quarter of the price.

Winner: Lattafa Eclaire!


Can I buy a sample of Bianco Latte to compare to Lattafa Eclaire?

Yes! Scent Split is a trust-worthy source to buy samples of Bianco Latte.

Is Lattafa Eclaire a good clone or dupe of Bianco Latte?

Absolutely! Most people would not be able to tell the two fragrances apart in the drydown.

How does Lattafa Eclaire compare in price to Bianco Latte?

Lattafa Eclaire can be found at ¼ of the price of Bianco Latte!

Can I wear Lattafa Eclaire and Bianco Latte all year round?

I think so! They may be better suited for the colder months for some people, but I enjoy both year-round. Give it a try and wear them year-round if it works for you!

Are Lattafa Eclaire and Bianco Latte appropriate for all occasions?

Both are versatile fragrances, however, be aware of how sweet and potent they are. Be mindful of how much you apply, especially if indoors in warm weather.

Final Verdict

Lattafa Eclaire is a pretty spot-on dupe of Bianco Latte, at a quarter of the price. If you are a gourmand lover, you can’t go wrong with either of these fragrances!

Thank you for reading my review of Giardini Di Toscana Bianco Latte vs Lattafa Eclaire! 

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