About Aroma Authority

Meet Tabatha Farnel, a passionate fragrance hobbyist and the creative mind behind Aroma Authority, a website dedicated to exploring the fascinating world of fragrances.

As a fragrance hobbyist, Tabatha approaches the art of reviewing with genuine passion and enthusiasm. Her journey into the world of fragrances has been driven by a deep appreciation for the intricate blend of notes and the way scents evoke emotions and memories.

Tabatha, equipped with a degree in Biology, also enjoys delving into the scientific aspects of fragrance, consistently expanding her knowledge in the field.

While the concept of an ultimate “aroma authority” does not exist, Tabatha hopes to help readers explore the vast world of fragrances and become their own aroma authorities.

When not smelling a new fragrance or deliberating over her daily fragrance choices, she enjoys cooking, fitness, and training her dogs.

What To Do Now?

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Tabatha Farnel

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